One step at a time! 


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Ate some good stuff today– trying to eat clean and all organic. AND ITS DELICIOUS!  And yes, I’m being lazy and eating in front of the tv with a pillow on my lap as a table!  Hey, don’t judge.. Haha! 

I had a busy day — so this is the perfect and relaxing end to my day! 


My local area does not have enough clean eating and healthy places to grab and go!  I’m thinking this maybe a fun adventure for possibly a new career and my forever creative and growing soul! 

BUT, where to begin?!  Right, where do you begin – especially with the food industry! Laws and regulations, investments, and so much more! 

Well, it’s been a long day and I’m cutting this one short…  Although, I do want to share a sweet link I seen today that was about detox teas — YUMMY!

Happy Travels!  ✌️💗😊


Cut the cheese


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Ya! That’s what I want to know… I’m doing vegetarian meals and trying to cut out all dairy. 


5 Winter Herbs for the Home Apothecary

Got to try this!

Funky Wolf Cafe


The flavor and aroma of this classic winter spice brings memories of family celebrations. The introduction of punch drinks by the upper echelon of society brought the pocket nutmeg grater into vogue in the late 18th century. It was fashionable to carry nutmeg to parties and use it to spice up alcoholic beverages, like eggnog!


Stately in the garden, this lovely Asteraceae plant has been used medicinally in Europe for millennia. elecampane_root-product_1x-1403631430-e1411768457814The roots are harvested in the fall or early winter and have been used as an expectorant to help support healthy respiratory function. This root is also traditionally candied and made into lozenges.

Holy Basil

Feeling the stress of the season? Have a cup of Holy Basil tea! Also known as Tulsi, this tasty mint family plant is an holy_basil_krishna-product_1x-1403632275important herb in India. Considered an adaptogen, Holy Basil can be sipped during busy times to help us…

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Let’s give this a GO! 


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Starting FRESH with a new mindset, healthy habits, fun, creativity, friends, family, and just plain LIVING (well, not so plain 😜)!

And I want to blog about it… 

This photo gives me inspiration on my healthy life style that I had let go over a year ago– I WANT THAT ME BACK!  BIg changes, weight management, and taking in all of Mother Nature that I can starting NOW! 

Juicing … My new exciting love. BUT, very expensive (atleast when it’s all organic)!  Although, cheap when it comes to be healthy and not needing to visit the doctor often! 

Crossfit… I have a love hate with it!  I’ve started it back up on Monday. The CF Gods must know, because they’ve been “gentle” for my first time back in over a year! This is me now… 60 lbs Of over indulging! AND OVER IT. 

I recently signed up for a weightloss challenge with my good friend Leah. I know we can do this —WE HAVE TO! 

You would think this would make a lot of juice… But only a quart — possibly 1.5 if you’re lucky!  The upside though is its so darn good for you! 

Flashback:  When I first started juicing this picture of all the goodies reminded me of my younger years when I would take “slop” out to our piggies.  

Anyways,  I tossed all the veggies and fruit in the sink to clean them and it looked like a perfect medley of colors and tastiness fit for a king! And to only get just a little bit of juice seemed so sad! But, I’ve grown to enjoy it and actually like the effects of micronutrients compared to my body breaking it down and the harsh fibers working through my system –UGHHHH, my ass could clear a room. TMI– sorry, but not sorry!😉 

This however was delicious!  

ESSENTIAL OILS:  I am looking forward to my first class on Wednesday– right before Yoga in my salon.  


Welp! I hope you enjoy my meandering –I promise it will be worth keeping up with it! 

✌️💗😊 love this moderndayhippiechic