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Want to “beef” up your lunch, dust off your immune system, and do it  all at one time?! 

Here’s a healthy food solution! 

  • Grass fed home grown beef
  • Organic quinoa
  • Wild Thymes chili ginger marinade
  • Wild Oats Garbanzo and black beans (I don’t normally buy this brand– but it was a quick pick up)! 
  • Fresh Organic Ginger (shredded).
  • Organic white onion
  • Baleine Sea Salt (sprinkled to taste).
  • Pepper Medley (not sure of supplier). 
  • DoTerra essential oil Oregano 5 drops. 

The oregano is helpful in stimulating your immune system –among other things! 

I let it simmer until the grass fed beef was medium cooked. 

I jazzed the plate up with lemon– feel free to drizzle across meal!

Feel free to substitute and if you do please share with me what you did! 

I love what essential oils do for me, my family, and those who would like to gain control of their family’s health with alternative and healthier measures –please message me! I’d love to help and promote healthier living! 

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