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One week ago today I had decided to start on my essential oil journey with these two! 

The reason being — I’m over weight, have PCOS, hormonal issues, along with other medical conditions that have me drained, depressed, and at a standstill with weightloss and the hopes of ever conceiving. 

In addition to that, deep down — I just want to be healthy and happy! 

My one week of progress:

I have noted less appetite, not sure if it’s the oils or my mind set. Either way, I LIKE IT! 

Since I have hormonal issues, my chin is continually breaking out (check out face mapping– your skin tells a lot about you)!  With that being said– NO BREAK OUTS!  My skin is clearing up!  

I use my clarycalm roll on over my belly and lower abdomen area once a day.  And do 5-8 drops of slim & sassy in my water. Once or twice a day.  DoTerra recommends more– but I’m happy with this right now! 


Maybe it’s the clear skin, the lack of appetite, or THE OILS are actually working –but I’m feeling lighter! Good moods across the board! 

My exercise routine is yoga once a week. I’d like to get into a nice walk/jog regimen — my back and legs permitting! 

Well, that’s all for now! 

If you are interested in essential oils or just following me in this journey please do so! 

Here’s a link for my DoTerra site as well ✌️💗😊


March 5, 2015– down 5.2 and feeling GREAT ✌️💗😊☀️🙌